The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Suzanne has encouraged me to stick to the more positive posts, particularly those that involve children’s literature. What other children’s books do I have with me here? The Tale of Peter Rabbit was a huge favorite in the Peipon household, as it was in the Matthews household as I was growing up.

I remember a time when Jamie was feeling under the weather, a little sick to his stomach. When I asked him what he might like to eat or drink, he answered me with a slight moan in his voice: “Chamomile tea, please.” I fixed it for him and the next day I asked him why that was what he wanted. He reminded me that Mrs. Rabbit prepared chamomile tea for Peter after he had eaten a bit too much in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

To quote Beatrix Potter towards the end of her life: “If I have done anything — even a little — to help small children on the road to enjoy and appreciate honest, simple pleasures, I have done a bit of good.”

She certainly did a bit of good in our family…

Think I’ll go check out the Ukrainian bookstores and pick up copies for some favorite children here…



  1. Surely there must be some excellent Ukrainian childrens stories. I own several myself; and I don’t even speak Ukrainian…. 🙂

  2. Leslie F. says:

    the boys received a DVD of the BBC peter rabbit for easter – it is beautifully done. sasha likes to pretend that HE is peter rabbit, donning homemade rabbit ears and hopping around with his “paws” up in front of his chest.

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