Closing in on Gongadze’s murderer

Less than a year before we moved to Ukraine, the news story broke about the murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze. Government officials at the highest level, including then-President Kuchma, have been accused of being involved in this horrendous crime. The headless body was discovered in a wooded area outside of the city, but the head has never been found.

During the Orange Revolution there was a tent on the street that was dedicated to the memory of Gongadze, and Yushchenko promised that if elected he would make it a priority to determine what really happened.

It is now 2009 and an arrest has been made. The suspect may give valuable information to the investigation…if he can be protected. At least one other person who had been willing to testify in court was found dead of two gunshot wounds to the head. Reported as a suicide.

Read the full article here.



  1. Thanks for the article Marianna. Living outside of town I don’t get the Post that often. This is a great sore spot for Ukraine and I pray it will all come to light and lead to more transparency in government.

  2. Coleen: Praying with you.

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