Lunch with the girls

I must admit that I don’t go out to eat very often. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with restaurants…but I can’t often afford to eat where I might really enjoy the food and the atmosphere.

But we do have a great cafeteria-style restaurant within a short walking distance from our flat. The food’s not bad, there is usually plenty of space, and it’s brightly lit — might be the whole walls of windows! And yet I still don’t go there often.

How much fun to get a call from two friends who would be in Kyiv for a few hours and wanted to get together for lunch. I don’t think that I’ve seen Reenie and Chris since a Christmas party here in December. I appreciate their hunger for knowing Christ, and I love their infectious smiles.

Reenie and Chris

Reenie and Chris

About a half hour before I was to meet them I received a call from another friend. Michelle and I have been trying to get together for a cup of coffee for WEEKS! Last night when we talked it was clear that she was not completely over an excruciatingly-long illness, so we set our sights on next week. But, amazingly, today she was feeling so much better that she wanted to get out and interact with humans! So I suggested that she meet up with the three of us at Puzata Khata. Party at lunch!

And then at the last minute, Jim was able to join us. He took a quick shot of the four of us before Jim and I scurried through a surprise downpour so that I wouldn’t be late for my language lesson.

Luncheon ladies

Luncheon ladies

Thanks for calling, Ladies! It was great to see ALL of you.


  1. We had a great time, thanks for meeting us! I hope we can see you more often in the future, we so enjoy conversation with you and Jim!

  2. We need to get on a regular schedule…

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