Too many names

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet with some social workers who work at a government children’s center. Knowing that the privacy laws are taken very seriously, I was a little bit surprised to see a room with artwork hanging on two walls…with some of the paintings having a small twisted red ribbon on the corner. I presume that those pictures were created by children who are HIV+.

One wall was a bank of windows and on the fourth wall was a large wall hanging. I was hoping that I didn’t really understand what it meant, but I was sadly correct.

Too many names

Too many names

Each of the names listed here represents a child who has died of AIDS. One as recently as this winter.

Written between the ribbon ends: “You are in our hearts.”

The medicine is in this country that should prevent these early deaths, but not everyone knows that the drugs are available for free. The stigma associated with this disease prevents some people from admitting the need.

We have much to do. Educating the sick. And educating their neighbors.



  1. This is so sad… Poor little things. Yeah, it’s so weird and wrong that people simply don’t know that the treatment is available for free… And that HIV+ parents have a big chance of having a healthy child… And that you can’t get HIV simply by giving a sick person a hug of encouragement and support.

    Thank you once again for helping me write that article. I really hope somebody was able to find some answers he was looking for…

    You are doing God’s work. May He continue giving you strength, patience and encouragement as you follow His will. Love you!

  2. Can children in Ukraine actually get this medicine if they are diagnosed?

  3. Dasha: You wrote a great article by doing research on your own. I pray that many have read that article and are learning what you now know to be true!

    Michelle: Yes.

  4. hibethany says:

    This is so very sad. The treatment is available to pregnant women – they just need to see their doctor and adhere to the medication, then their babies won’t be born with HIV. Please let me know how I can help in educating people in Ukraine about testing, meds, prevention, stigma, etc.

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