Hokey Pokey

Our church offers a Sunday school class that teaches beginning English to some of the children. Each week features a different letter, and every week includes music.

A favorite song for these kiddos is Hokey Pokey! It teaches body parts, and repeats “right” and “left” through each verse. They never fail to giggle when the song calls to put the left hip “in” and shake it all about.

Put your left hip in...

Put your left hip in...

Classes are suspended for the summer because the most favorite of the teachers is in America for several weeks.
Nate with students

Nate with students

We miss you, Nate! And look forward to your return…


  1. I would love to be in this class!

  2. ramonamom says:

    How fun! Kinda reminds me of our own kids who came to the US knowing only how to say Coca Cola in English. Since we lived in Oklahoma at the time, we promptly taught them to say “Okey Dokey” and it was SO cute to see them walking around saying that!


  3. Lynne: They are great kiddos.

    Ramona: You reminded me of a Ukrainian friend of ours who worked with our church choir in Salisbury for one summer. He heard the expression “Okey Dokey” but couldn’t for the life of him remember it. He actually had a great grasp on English so he was always looking for words and expressions that weren’t learned in a book. When a choir member approached him about something, he smiled and said “Yakkey Dakkey.” THAT is now the expression for Okey Dokey at our home church!

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