Unusual sculptures

I love the creativity of my Ukrainian tutor. She is always looking for interesting ways to engage me in conversation, or to give fresh insights into Ukrainian culture. We take part of a lesson every once in awhile to go on little excursions — typically to museums.

But today we went on a little walk to look at some very entertaining sculptures. Mind you, we were speaking Ukrainian to each other MOST of the time.

We began this stroll near the great Golden Gate of Kyiv where we discovered this feline hanging on to a nearby tree. Made entirely of plastic forks.

Cat of forks

Cat of forks

From there we walked a couple of blocks to see this Hedgehog in a Fog. Apparently this guy stars in a very famous children’s cartoon here and was actually drawing quite a crowd today. Teenage girls were being photographed kissing this sculpture and one even attempted a hug. This creature is made from screws pushed through screening so that the sharp end of the screw is on the outside.
Hedgehog in a Fog

Hedgehog in a Fog

A quick glance at a map to find the quickest route via backroads led us directly to this ballerina posing on a street corner. Her skirt is made from what looks like chicken wire.


Several more blocks and we found this hard-working donkey pulling a cart with flowers. He is made from wood and his eyes are created by philips screws. His simple rope tail made me think of Eeyore.


Our last sculpture of the day was a mosaic cat head yawning to accommodate a small bench. Tatjana was happy to sit down for a moment as she told me that the sculpture desires 100 cats to be around town. One is made from forks, a second is brass and near the Golden Gate, and this is the third. Only 97 to go.
Mosaic cat

Mosaic cat

There are three more sculptures for us to visit, but they were a bit out of the way for today’s adventure.

Stay tuned!



  1. […] goal to place 100 cats of various shapes and sizes throughout the city. So far, we have discovered his cat of white plastic forks and the mosaic cat bench. But now he has created one of the longest cats ever — the length of a building! Cat with two […]

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