Yes, it’s hot but…

I can’t help but notice the clothing that so many females here in Ukraine wear (or NOT wear) as the weather turns hot.

A new friend of mine who was escorting a group of American students (all male, I believe) to Kyiv for an intensive Russian language experience commented when asked what his students are saying about Ukraine: “The girls here sure don’t wear much…”

During our prayer time together in the mornings, Jim often prays that God will protect his eyes and guard his thoughts. He prays this not just for himself but for all men (particularly Christian) who are bombarded not just by billboards — which we must see year round — but by the “real thing” as women of ALL ages remove any semblance of modesty in the summertime.

It reminds me of some passages and questions that my friend Lisa is going through with women in her area:

“I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety…” (1 Timothy 2:9).

Nancy Leigh DeMoss asks the following questions in her booklet entitled “Biblical Portrait of Womanhood” and I ask each of you to also ask yourselves these questions:

Do I dress modestly?

Do my clothing styles encourage men to think pure thoughts, rather than stimulating them to have sensual thoughts or desires?

Do I dress in such a way as to draw attention to the heart and spirit of Jesus within me, rather than to my physical body?

Yes, it’s hot. But, ladies, are some of us being stumbling blocks to the men around us? Are we drawing attention to ourselves? And why are we surprised when men respond inappropriately? Or even feigning disgust at their attention?



  1. I just got back from a trip to New York City. A messianic Jewish sister called it Babylon. There were tons of young women poorly dressed there too.

    People say that America is a Christian country….And from what I know, Ukraine has a lot of people of faith….I guess that we’re just really ineffective, or there are a lot of hypocrites out there.

    P.S. (I’d love to exchange e-mails with you on Ukrainain culture.)

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