Summer camp

God has some pretty big plans for us this summer. He continues to stretch us as He works in us and through us to accomplish His plan for Ukraine. We are humbled that He would use us, but so thankful that He would let us be His hands and feet.

We are in the midst of plans for a unique summer camp to be held in the village of Zdvizhivka, just outside of Kyiv, from July 13-17. This is the same village where we hope to purchase a home that will be specifically for orphans who are HIV+. (Because of privacy laws, we will simply be calling it a children’s home…but we know that many of the children will be HIV+.)

We are partnering with another missionary who has faithfully visited the hospitalized orphans who are HIV+ (or are suspected of such because of the mother being HIV+) and whose heart has grown so attached to these little ones. She had a team coming to work camps this summer, and she excitedly presented this camp as an option for them. They agreed to take part and plans are in motion.

Unfortunately the team has dwindled from 12 to 10 to now 6, and with that also comes reduced revenue for the camp. Add to that the increased expense of a bus transporting the children morning and afternoon, and we are quickly realizing that we are in a pinch, financially. We will have approximately 100 children at this camp — providing lunch, crafts, music, sports, and the Gospel. Twenty-five or so will be on the bus (as will some of the workers) — these are the HIV+ children. Five from an inpatient facility and another 20 who are living at home with a parent or grandparent. The other children are from the village where the camp is being held.

We are continuing to look for qualified translators and other helpers who will donate their time, though we will have to pay their travel, accommodations, and meal costs. Of course, we would love to be able to provide a small monetary gift, but no promises!

At this point in our planning, we are $4751 short of the needed funds. We are, therefore, offering each of you reading this an opportunity to help us out by sponsoring a child for the camp! Based on the number of children expected — 100 — we are suggesting a gift of $47.51 per child. Nice even number, eh? (Hey, if you round up to $50 we should even have enough to give small gifts to the workers…)

Prayerfully consider whether you might sponsor a child or two. Or even give a gift of ANY size to help offset the costs of this camp. From what we’re hearing, this is only the second camp ever in Ukraine to specifically invite HIV+ children. (The other camp was years ago…)

Checks are tax-deductible and should be made payable to IFI, Inc. (International Faith Initiatives, Inc.) with a note on the memo specifying UMO camp. (Ukraine Medical Outreach) Please send donations to IFI, Inc., 5592 Pinecrest Circle, Noblesville, Indiana 46062.

We will be sure to let you know specifically which child you sponsored. And we hope to post pictures as well. (Though we will NOT be able to identify which children are HIV+ or not online.)

Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and gifts.

To God be the glory!



  1. Hi Marianna,

    I sent you an email a few days ago to your address I was given your email address by Bethany Hunter. Did you receive my email or is there another email address you use more regularly that I could email you at?

    Thank you.

  2. You wrote to the correct email. I’m a bit slow on responding to correspondence at the moment…sorry! Thanks for reconnecting, though, because there are those times that I just lose track of emails, or I think I’ve responded when I haven’t.

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