Pray for Christians in Nepal

Please keep the Christians in Nepal in your prayers. Having a very personal interest in Kathmandu, this article is not exactly the one that I hoped to be reading.



  1. Life carries on and I’m following the news BUT things like this won’t keep me from denouncing my faith and packing things up. Will live my life as I’ve always done. It’s strange to think, when I heard the bang if I had looked out the window I probably could have seen what was happening at the catholic church. You can see for yourself in December… do you have those tickets booked yet? (Was that not a subtle hint?)

  2. Anna: I believe that you wrote exactly the opposite of what you meant to say: Things like this won’t keep you from DECLARING your faith and staying right where you are! Right?

  3. Persecution means more when it hits close to home!
    I will be praying for this situation.
    Marianna and Jim: Thank you for your trust and confidence in our Lord and your personal commitment to the work being done there.

  4. Um, yeah, I don’t speak English anymore.

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