Tuesday in Salisbury

Tuesday morning. We know this home well — and just exactly where to find everything needed to make a perfect cup of coffee. (It requires a certain Lauren to be up if we prefer iced latte in the morning…like her mother gets!) Today is a day to catch up on e-mails, look through snail mail (and catalogs!), visit a dermatologist (Jim had a basal cell removed from his back), and look forward to a fabulous meal at Chez Robins with the Browns, the Robins, and Jared.

One thing that is just so wonderful about the Browns: even if their home isn’t EXACTLY the way they’d prefer, they still welcome guests! A bit surprising to come downstairs to find the toilet just outside the bathroom!!



After a day of running around we were so excited to head to the Robins and just relax among good friends. The food is always fabulous but, honestly, it’s the fellowship that we love. We always laugh, we sometimes cry, we reminisce about the past, and we dream about the future.
Beef, fruit salad, salmon among other dishes

Beef, fruit salad, salmon among other dishes

After eating way too much, we joined Stan on the patio where he had lit the fire. Marshmallows roasted and camp songs sung. We could have stayed there for hours more except that tomorrow morning was coming quickly…our hosts needed to be at work and Jim and I needed to be at a prayer breakfast by 6 a.m. — about 45 minutes away!
"In a cabin in the woods..."

In a cabin in the woods...

Some of my most favorite people. So glad that we’ll all be together again over the weekend.



  1. I am dying laughing. Can’t believe you photographed the toilet.

  2. Just keepin’ it real, as they say! Your folks are GREAT, by the way!

  3. oh yea. That’s my blood, ya’ll. ^_^

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