Monday in airports!

Our last morning in Glendale. Drizzly rain. Jim and Kolya finished painting Mom’s patio furniture in the garage. It looked a whole lot better than we arrived.

And Jeanne and I made the trip to Skyline Chili. A Cincinnati favorite. And definitely a tradition for our family. We had eaten so much on this visit, and had planned meetings around meals, that we simply couldn’t figure out when to fit in this taste treat. But there was no way that we would actually leave Cincinnati without at least a cheese coney with onions. Or a 5-way. We wanted Kolya to have the full Cincinnati experience.

After lunch we said a sad good-bye to Mom and off we went to the Dayton airport. Oh, brother. We arrived there and expected the normal simple check-in routine. How were we to know that there was “weather” in Philadelphia…our connecting destination. The four of us were not permitted to check our bags through to Salisbury on our scheduled flight because it appeared that we would miss that connection. Mind you, it was HOURS before we needed to make that call in Philadelphia. In fact, right then and there, we were rescheduled for the later flight from Philadelphia to Salisbury. Not what we wanted, but at least we had a better chance of making that flight.

We sat in Dayton for quite awhile, the “weather” apparently subsided, and we winged our way to Philadelphia. Much to our surprise we were there in time to actually make the original flight! (Remember that I said that we had HOURS to make that call!). We scurried up to the check-in counter and announced that we were there — as a long line began to form behind us…presumably passengers in the same boat. Er…plane. Anyway, much to our dismay, we were not allowed to return to the original plan and take that earlier flight. Because our bags were already tagged for a later flight. I smiled and asked if they couldn’t just locate the bags and transfer them to the earlier flight. Ha, ha. What was I thinking? I even suggested that we fly earlier and let the bags follow us. We were staying 15 minutes from the airport. No. I looked behind us and turned back to the airline employee and told her to keep smiling because I would have to assume that the whole line was going to ask the same question. (She really was very pleasant as she denied each of my suggestions…)

Hanging out at the airport

Hanging out at the airport

Eventually we boarded the last flight from Philly to Salisbury. Short trip. And when we landed we weren’t shocked but somewhat surprised that our hosts weren’t there! BUT our dear photographer friend Cheryl was! She clicked a few photos of Kolya’s arrival…and then the Browns arrived. We were quite thankful that Cheryl had come because we needed her vehicle to help us transport luggage to the Brown’s home…our home in Salisbury.

It had been a long day for everyone, and though we all tried to stay up and chit-chat none of us could stay alert for long. Upstairs we went…sank into our beds…and promptly fell sound asleep…


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