Saturday in Glendale

An absolutely glorious day in Glendale. We missed Jamie, the birthday boy, but knew we would see him soon.

Jim, Jeanne, Kolya and I walked down to the Village Square of Glendale. We wanted to go today because the historical museum is open for a few hours today and we wanted Kolya to learn more about the history of his American family. The museum is located in the old train station which was dedicated to the memory of my dad a few years back — he loved Glendale and worked tirelessly to maintain its historical integrity.
Dad's plaque
While out and about we ran into a friend we hadn’t seen yet on this trip — Bob Trumpy — and once he knew that Kolya was involved in construction he led us through hedges to a building that had rounded brick pillars. Bob thought these were quite unique, but Kolya smiled and said they were “normalna!”
Kolya, Jeanne, Bob
Upon our return to Mom’s, Jim and Kolya got back to work sanding and repainting some of her lawn furniture so that we’d all have places to sit at the party planned for Sunday afternoon. What had seemed like a quick job soon turned into quite an ordeal. (In fact, the final pieces were painted on Monday morning before we flew on to Maryland!)
Lawn furniture
Jim and I had an appointment with the Sisters of the Transfiguration. This Episcopal convent was begun by relatives and they are thrilled to see offspring working on the field. They are certain that missionary work is in my blood. They continue to support God’s work here each year. And we KNOW that they’re praying!
That evening we went to Biz (my sister) and Steve’s (her husband) for a cookout and a wii little bit of fun. It was quite entertaining watching Mom bowl from her wheelchair, and also watching Jeanne and Kolya go at each other with boxing gloves!!
Not only did Kolya get some fun time with relatives, but he was able to meet an American icon…the King.
Welcome to America, Kolya!


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