Advocating for Orphans With HIV

I have just discovered a new blog today that lists so many resources that are helpful to those working with HIV+ folks. Particularly orphans, but for anyone actually.

The goal of the site is to connect people around the world who have a heart for these children. Take a peek: educational resources/financial resources/adoption information/agencies worldwide working with these children.

I have so much to learn! And this is a site where I can gather much information in one place.



  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word about my blog and thanks a million for contacting me today! I’m getting caught up on your blog and getting familiar with the work you are doing, and I will be contacting you via email very soon. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear of the wonderful work you are doing in Ukraine.

  2. Bethany: Thanks for stopping by. Received your email, but obviously haven’t responded to it yet. I want to be sure that I have the answers up-to-date for you!!

  3. No problem – take your time in responding. I know I have about 100 questions for you – must be a bit overwhelming. Would you be able to email me this past newsletter? I’ve also shared your blog link with a woman who is adopting an HIV+ little girl from Ukraine. Hope that’s okay.

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