Treat your mother right

Jim has been singing bits and pieces of this song throughout the day. Typically at least one of our children would bring this up on Mother’s Day. So what a surprise to realize that it’s on YouTube! (Why didn’t I know that earlier? Don’t know. I just knew the music from the kids’ computers…)

So, just so that ALL you mothers can feel special and so that your children will better know how to treat you:

Just warms your heart, doesn’t it?



  1. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s warmed my heart and given me a good laugh.

    Love you bunches.

    Your eldest.

  2. riverblues says:

    Funny, I’ve had some of those outfits AND hairdos:-)

  3. I remember this from the Mans With Plans days.

  4. Of all the Mother’s Day posts I have read (a lot), this one is my favorite!

  5. Glad you ALL enjoyed it.

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