Thursday in Glendale

Coffee. And lots of it. Everyone seemed to be on a different schedule. But we would need to synchronize our watches to get everything done today.

One of my dearest friends — she was in my wedding and I was in hers — has a daughter about six months younger than Anna and Jeanne. And Martha is getting married on Friday!! But today my mother is hostessing a luncheon in Martha’s honor. This is one of my most favorite families on the planet, so we are thrilled to be in Cincinnati just at this time. (Well, we knew about the wedding which helped us with the scheduling of the Cincinnati visit…)

What a great time! We ate at one of our favorite restaurants which happens to be right in Glendale. Pretty convenient, eh? Cheese, fruit, crepes, daquiris. Too much food but not enough time. I could have spent the whole day with them! Unfortunately, the wedding party had a rehearsal dinner to attend!

One of the highlights was the pink cake with the sterling silver charms cooked within. Each charm had a corresponding future event. Children. Happiness. Success. Each of the gals pulled one ribbon and learned what the future held.

After dropping Mom off at home, and collecting Jim and Kolya, the four of us headed north to Lebanon. Home of my aunt and uncle. We were doing our best to introduce Kolya to as many of his American relatives as we could in a very short space of time!!

They live on a farm where they raise horses. As pets. We spent several hours there listening to stories…about my grandfather, about the horses, about childhood, even some about Jeanne as a munchkin visiting the farm. Kolya felt right at home in this setting as we knew he would. We naturally took a stroll around the grounds and met some of their “children.” This one’s name is Cheyenne.

A full day, for sure.

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