Boldness in the workplace

I’m posting a letter that my husband received via e-mail last night. Not to exalt him. But to encourage each person to keep on doing what you’re doing, right in the place where God has placed you! You just don’t know how your words or your attitude might affect someone.

“Dear Dr. Peipon,

My name is _____, and I am a former patient of yours. I am writing for two reasons. First, I wanted to write to say thank you. You had such an influence on my life. You are one of the main reasons I have decided to pursue medicine. You are the most caring physician I have ever been a patient of. I remember thinking how awesome it was that you had become a Christian and that you were willing to talk to me about such huge things as your faith and such seemingly simple things as abstinence.

I am 25 now. I received my bachelor’s degree three years ago, but decided to return to school to take my pre-medicine requirements. I will be finished with them as of Wednesday and will be taking the MCATs in June. I will be applying to medical school for admission in fall of 2010. As of right now, I am very interested in going into pediatrics, specifically adolescent medicine. I only hope that I can be as compassionate toward others as you were to me.

The second reason I am writing is because I am very interested in missions. I will have about a year before I start medical school (if I get in on the first try) and am interested in doing mission work during some (or all) of that time. Are you all currently looking for help? If so, can you please send me more information?

Thank you so much! I will be sure to keep you and your family and your work in the Ukraine in my prayers.

Thank you.”

Wow. Incredibly humbling. God is at work…here, there, and everywhere. We left Salisbury when this young woman was 14. And she recalls the truths that he shared with her. Who would have known that those visits may one day lead someone into medicine or to be a missionary?

If you know people who have affected your walk with the Lord, consider taking the time to let them know. It may be a boost that is needed at this particular time…



  1. Wow! If that isn’t encouragement I don’t know what is!!!

  2. mmosier says:

    That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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