Tuesday in Glendale

We woke up before Mom…a miracle, for sure. I guess the fact that she stayed up waiting for us to arrive last night actually had her sleep until a somewhat normal hour of the morning! As soon as we heard her television turn on, we fixed her a big mug of coffee and talked about what was happening in her life and what was happening in ours.

This day was my brother’s birthday. This is the first birthday without him. We planned to be in Glendale with Mom specifically on this date. Partially to be a distraction. Partially to be an ear to listen.

Mom has a fabulous gal who comes in each morning to check on her, make sure she has food for lunch and dinner, and basically runs errands and keeps Mom company. We were really impressed with Shelly…she never sat down!

My sister Biz called and suggested that we all go get our nails done! Talk about a distraction. And a luxury. There’s a beauty academy of some sort near Mom’s house and Biz called to make appointments. The price is particularly cheap because these are students and they actually need customers to give them real experience. Biz and I even had our hair cut. Brave, I must say.

Mom told her manicurist all kinds of stories that made me glad that I was pretty close to her. Biz was on the other side of the room so stories centering on her (not able to defend herself!) were entertaining everyone within listening range. The stories were true and I had to laugh at the looks of the other beauticians as Mom told the tales while Biz sat under a dryer! (Promised not to post the pic of Biz under the dryer!)

My manicurist was a very pleasant young lady who had been married for just a couple of years. She married a Jordanian who lives in Cincinnati and was talking about the joys and challenges of a cross-cultural marriage. (I hoped to get Jeanne in to see her before we left Glendale, but we just didn’t have time. They would have much in common.)

Jim picked Mom and me up and took us home while Biz took her own car and did some shopping for a party she was planning for Jeanne and Kolya on Sunday.

Jim then spent some time on the phone confirming plans that we had previously made to meet up with different folks while we were in the area. We had lots to do in a short amount of time — including meeting Jeanne’s and Kolya’s plane from Ukraine the next day!

An early night seemed reasonable…


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