From Sarasota to Glendale, Ohio

Monday, Monday. A gloriously beautiful day. Florida was beginning to turn green following the first rains in weeks. The rain was actually good news for our hosts because their livelihood is cutting grass.

We repacked our suitcases and tossed them in the back of the truck and we all went to see the equipment. I don’t think that Abe stood still for more than 30 seconds at a time! He wanted us to see everything and he also wanted to drive his own car there. (If you look closely in the center of the picture you’ll see him in his grey car just in front of the tractor.)

I was amazed at the size of the equipment used to commercially cut grass. And the variety of mowers. I guess I had just never thought too much about it. It’s good to know that the cabins are air-conditioned…and even have a seat for training new drivers. Abe likes that seat and will spend hours riding with his dad!

We were sorry to leave Florida. But we still had places to go. On the docket for this evening was FAMILY! We were flying from Tampa to Dayton, Ohio where a family friend picked us up and then delivered us to my mother’s house. (He lives just a few minutes from her home.) It was so great to see Alec and catch up with his family news. And we were so thankful that he would drive an hour just to meet our plane.

It was late by the time we arrived in Glendale (just north of Cincinnati), and I was shocked to find Mom waiting for us in the kitchen. She typically goes to bed early and gets up way before the sun. We presented her with gifts from Jamie and Dasha (long story on why she didn’t receive those packages earlier), and then we went upstairs to our room for the next week.

A quick look downstairs before hitting the sack.

Lots of memories in that house, both happy and sad. The last time we had been here was last year for my brother’s funeral…


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