Saturday in Sarasota

Let me first say that night — what was left of it — ended too quickly. Going to bed at 4 a.m. and then trying to make sense for a meeting at 10:30 was interesting, to say the least! But our hosts and their guests (pastor and leaders from their church) were great! We had some questions for them and they had some thoughtful questions for us about our ministry.

After they left, the five of us living in the home promptly took naps. Jim and I were on super-comfy couches in front of the TV — playing with the remote like little kids. As Jim skimmed the menu we saw that the Duggar’s TV show was on and our curiosity got the better of us — could their show really be at all interesting? Would it show them as we had seen them at our meeting in Fayetteville? Well, the answer is YES. They really are that low-key and soft-spoken. And the show we watched happened to be the one when Jordyn-Grace was born…the little one I had just held. We dozed in and out for several hours…

Our plan was to grab a bite at a little sports pub and then meet some of the Reynolds’ friends at a playground so that the children could all ride bikes and we could all talk. Good plan. Except that March Madness was being televised and we arrived at the pub at just the wrong time for a table. We went instead to Subway and Jim was able to have his first sub of the trip! Yum.

While riding in the back seat of the truck Abe and I decided to don his fireman helmets.

I taught him The Fireman’s Song (complete with hand motions):

Oh, fireman’s man. Oh, fireman’s man. Here’s my heart and here’s my hand. (repeat)
Oh for the life of a fireman. Oh, for the life of a fireman. He sits up high in his engine red and tells the driver: “Go ahead! Go ahead!”
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Fshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
That awful fire is out. That awful fire is out.
Oh, fireman’s man. Oh, fireman’s man. Here’s my heart and here’s my hand.

How excited do you think we were when a real firetruck with real firemen pulled up next to us at a light? I love this picture of Abe’s tip of his hat. The driver briefly turned his lights on in return.

We gathered at a playground, unloaded bikes, and snaked our way along the sidewalk. We stopped at the climbing tree so that the kids could climb all over it…even the big kid.

And then returned to the Reynolds’ home ready to crash. Ahhh, sweet sleep.



  1. What fun pictures!!! Love the fireman hats. 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I see your nav buttons are misplaced. Do you want me to fix them?

  3. Wow! If you would be so kind as to fix them I’d be so happy. It just suddenly changed our last week in the states!

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