Wednesday from Tulsa to Seattle

The Nunley young’uns with mom, Jim and I made our way to the Tulsa airport HOPING to arrive early enough to get some special time with another blogging friend. Again, we had never met in person, but we have followed each other’s lives over the years. As we began piling out of Lisa’s van with our luggage I heard a voice calling “Ukrainiac!” Lisa and Connie had known each other for years, but this was my first meeting. “Practicing Theology,” “Deo Volente,” and “Ukrainiac” were all together enjoying coffee at the Tulsa airport. Thanks, Connie, for making the trek!
We flew to Seattle via Houston — with a slight weather delay — and arrived a bit late, but our University Presbyterian friends were patiently waiting. Actually it turned out to be pretty good timing because we missed all of the rush hour traffic! We were on our way to a dinner with the Ukraine task force from University Presbyterian. These folks have been so encouraging to us over the years…both financially and through their prayers and visits. It was so much fun to get together to share our ministry news and dreams.
We tried to pose with a serious Soviet look, but we didn’t all quite get it!

Karen took us home to her house that night where we had a great night’s sleep. And we were ready. Lonnng day. Switching time zones for the last few weeks is beginning to take its toll…

(Hmmm, can’t seem to get the pictures to go through flickR…)


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