Thursday in Seattle

Slowly waking up in Seattle.

Lunch at Karen’s to give us the privilege of meeting two authors who wrote a Bible study called Time to Talk in Church about HIV and AIDS. We have had this book translated into Russian and published in Ukraine. Since last fall there have been over 1000 books distributed throughout Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Mother and daughter-in-law (Andrea and Corean Bakke) wrote this study after attempting to find information in this format online. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to begin to remove some of the stigma related to this disease as it affects individual churches. May I suggest that is way past time for the church to mobilize?! But, it’s better late than never!!

That evening we spoke at University Pres and, in addition to the folks from the church, several health professionals from the area attended. These ladies had all been part of a medical team that had partnered with Jim through Ukraine Medical Outreach several years ago. It was a reunion of sorts! We loved the questions and the encouragement from all there. (Not to mention all that great coffee!)

Back to Karen’s for our last night on the west coast…

Thanks to ALL of you for freeing up your schedules so that we could get with you! Karen, Carolyn and Marsha: You guys are awesome!


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