Tuesday in Fayetteville

The Nunleys have some of the dearest friends and neighbors. Bright and early on Tuesday morning, several folks arrived at their home to help prepare more food than could have possibly been eaten in one day…anywhere! It was absolutely delicious. The spread was made available so that anyone at anytime could simply drop in on the Nunleys (and, therefore, us!) to hear about God’s work in Ukraine, even through Ukraine Medical Outreach.

Though we tried to be helpful and even grabbed a broom and dustpan to follow the crumbs left behind by children who were nabbing snacks throughout the afternoon…a neighbor actually took the broom from me and declared that we were guests and were NOT cleaning up. Just as the crew had prepared, so did a crew clean up at the end of a long day. A day that we would have loved to have continue for many more hours — God in His wisdom requires us to sleep, though, and we were all exhausted by bedtime. Just didn’t want to part company!

We loved getting to know the friends and neighbors and we are always amazed at the connections that God brings together. A man formerly from Cape Cod (the place where I spent many a summer at a sailing camp both as a camper and later as a counselor), families with children wishing to be missionaries on a foreign field one day, a family we had only met through e-mails who has been doing fabulous ministry in Ukraine, and a large family related to friends in Salisbury. Such a mix of people. Such an encouragement.

Jon set the powerpoint up to play on their big screen TV in the basement. We set up folding chairs and invited groups to the presentation throughout the afternoon. With such a relaxed atmosphere we were able to get to know those who were getting to know us! We could ask as well as answer questions.

I wish I could write about every single aspect of this day, but I fear that no one would take the time to read it. Like the 6-year-old twins who were continuously doing laundry. And watching it. Jim offered to help from time to time, but they were happy to be serving their mother. (She was going to redo it later; most cycles never completed because they simply loved pushing the buttons. But the look on their proud little faces as they invited Lisa into the laundry room to see their work was so sweet…)

I’m going to have to write separate posts about the next families: each of their stories is so unique. Suffice it to say that we were incredibly encouraged by all.

Amanda and her gorgeous family.

The Duggars, relatives of friends in Salisbury. Turns out that Jim had taken care of their children (back when there were just a few!) when they passed through Salisbury many years ago. Apparently they are quite famous — but none of this came to pass until we had left for Ukraine.

Watching the Nunley children with all of the visitors was a priceless event.


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