Monday in Fayetteville

(I’m now almost three weeks behind in posting…definitely wasn’t the plan!)

So, off we went by car from York to BWI for our flight to Fayetteville, Arkansas. This visit is one of those visits that only God could put together.

Our host family simply invited us to come their way. As we looked at flight schedules and costs to and from various airports, it didn’t look too hopeful. But I had gotten to know Lisa through our blogs over the years and Jim and I really wanted to meet her and her family in person. You know, sometimes you just click with someone. And that’s how it was for us. As we e-mailed back and forth we determined that we’d fly into Fayetteville but out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So, we arrive in Fayetteville. Miscommunication had us there for about an hour before Lisa picked us up. BUT, we were not without entertainment. As we waited for our luggage to appear on the conveyor belt we noticed a young man with a video camera with a huge smile on his face. We looked in the direction of the lens and spotted a young man greeting a young woman who had apparently just arrived. He presented a large bouquet of flowers and they continued to talk. As we became aware of other groups with cameras and grins we soon realized that this young man was about to propose marriage! He dropped to one knee, nervously fumbled for the ring in a small black box — and we all held our breath. They glanced around and saw that crowds of strangers were now watching. Jim began to applaud which broke the ice and many others also cheered and clapped. (They left together so we’re assuming she said yes!)

Lisa arrived in her big white van (felt like we were getting into a marshrutka in Ukraine!!) that was driven by a friend of hers. Jim climbed into the front passenger seat and Lisa and I sat in the next seat with a teeny tiny little one in the infant seat between us. (She belonged to the driver!) Lisa looked over, grinned, and said that she felt like she had known me forever. I felt the same way.

Upon arrival, we were met by several of her children. Some carried our bags to the “bonus room” where we would be stationed for the next two nights, some greeted us with shy grins, and two of them greeted us with a special box. Inside the box was cash that the girls had personally collected from friends and siblings specifically for orphans in Ukraine. One in particular. One that they’re still waiting for God to reveal His plan — would this dear family be adopting her?

I’m telling you…this is one special family! We are so thankful that God provided affordable flights!

We went past the multiple washers and multiple dryers and up the steps to our area. Our bedroom was right off of a sitting room with a slanted ceiling line. We loved the section over a couch: 3-panel world map glued to the ceiling with a brown frame attached. Missionaries’ picutres were then attached in the country where they’re serving. So cool. We are excited to be part of that map!

We all went out for a fabulous dinner — Lisa and Jon, Jim and me, and their six children. We had a blast.

And this was just a warm-up for the day to come…

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