Sunday in York

(For those of you who actually know our schedule, you know that I am just a tad bit late on these posts…but just bear with me. There were so many fun moments that I can’t hurry through them!!)

Sunday was the final morning for the Global Impact Celebration. We attended the early service and then split the Sunday school time in half, speaking in two different classes. The questions, the comments, the interest: truly encouraging.

During the third service (second was during Sunday school), we were asked to go to our display table because a pediatrician was very much interested in talking to Jim. What a story she had!! She is a pediatrician married to a pediatrician and they have adopted children from every continent, I think. Some special needs. But all needing a home. She wanted to hear all about Ukraine and possibly how she might become involved in that work some day.

Amazingly, the church provided ANOTHER meal — this time lunch — and we had a last opportunity to spend time with the other missionaries and also with the leaders of the church. What a wonderful weekend.

Following lunch we went to visit the neighbors of our host family. He, too, is a physician. What made this such a special time for all of us? This physician was Jim’s roommate for one year at medical school. (Then Doug got married and chose to keep Jane as his roommate. Go figure!) How fun to hear stories from back in the day, and to hear how their children are doing. I had never met them previously and Jim had not seen them for many years. Small world.

Our next job was to repack all of our belongings so that we would be ready for the drive to Baltimore for our flight to Arkansas the next day. Each trip made me more and more thankful that we only had one suitcase each. Plus a carry-on and computer, of course. But not bad for a 7-week adventure and conference supplies! (Brochures weighed more than the mugs…or so it seemed…)

Thanks for the great hospitality, Wayne and Teresa!



  1. You’re welcome. Our pleasure.

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