Saturday in York

An early morning breakfast at the church was followed by a Nothing But Nets basketball tournament. Each team paid an entry fee which went directly to the Nothing But Nets fund to buy mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria. The champions received gift certificates to a local store. Pretty nice deal. The tournament was exciting…and the championship game went down to the wire. Congratulations to the winners!

We visited a Panera store for a cup of cappuccino and the internet for a little while on Saturday afternoon and then we were back at the church for a spaghetti dinner and entertainment. The BETTER entertainment was Yearin on the piano…the LESSER entertainment was a short skit called Grace and Order. The skit was a presentation of the gospel, but you know they were searching for ANYONE when I was asked to be part of it!!

Throughout the tournament and the dinner, the missionaries were introduced and we had our displays on the sidelines. We had lots of opportunities to meet with folks around a table or while cheering for the teams. Relaxed moments.

That night we actually watched a movie on TV with Wayne and Teresa. A first. We all sat in a row with our computers on our laps…a funny sight!



  1. Great photos.
    Marianna, you were fabulous on stage.
    In addition to Yearin’s beautiful piano, I do want to mention Lori’s guitar and singing where she taught us “This is the Day” in Russian and Kazakh. That was a blessing as well.
    Praying for you guys and the future opportunities. Zechariah’s House has a real ring.

  2. The laptop thing is SUCH a product of the 21st century. At least my friends and I share the computer…. (This is Wayne’s daughter, btw…)

  3. My daughter, a charter member of the National Sarcasm Society. I am not sure from where she gets that variety of humor.

  4. I wasn’t being sarcastic….

  5. Ohhh…

  6. Great photos and blog. Never realized how busy I was. Always seemed to have such a quiet life compared to others, lol. Laughed about all of us on our laptops sitting in a row. How Faith and Yearin laughed at us adults on our laptops.

    Had so much fun with you all and enjoyed the time we had together. And yes, your blog in York will be centered around food. Will it surprise you that York county is the heaviest county in PA?

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