Thursday in York

We flew from St. Louis to York, PA on Thursday afternoon. Our gracious hosts lead busy lives so they sent Tom to pick us up in Harrisburg while Wayne (our host) drove to BWI to pick up another missionary. Teresa was working and daughter Faith and foreign exchange-student (ugh…I forget how to spell her name) [Yearin — thanks, Wayne.] were coming in from school and everyone had plans for the evening. And we arrived.

Paella and salads were served for dinner — Wayne, Teresa, Faith, Yearin, Jim, Jim (missionary formerly serving in Paris and now in Missouri), and me. We quickly learned a little about each other and then the exit doors opened: Teresa, Faith and Yearin were off to an awards ceremony honoring Yearin, and Wayne, Jim, Jim, and I headed to a dessert that was kicking off the Global Impact Celebration weekend of Zion Methodist Church.

Jim and I were the featured speakers and it was a privilege to share about God’s work in Ukraine. We had a little while to mingle among the guests before we spoke which made it seem as if we were just talking with friends. A very encouraging beginning for us. Lots of good questions. A great devotional about being available to respond to God’s call before we spoke. Great desserts. (Is this whole series of blog posts always going to focus on food?? It seems that we are always meeting and eating…)

We returned to our weekend home and had a chance to watch a bit of the news (not much good was happening at that time so it didn’t take long to turn it off!) and the four adults sat with our laptops and caught up with emails. We are all getting pretty accomplished at multi-tasking: talking in person while scanning online. How did this ever happen?

We were quite ready to hit the sack in preparation for a full day ahead of us…



  1. Our “borrowed” daughter’s name is Yearin, from Busan, South Korea.
    It was a pleasure seeing you guys. You are always welcome.
    Thank you for posing “the question” to Teresa. See you in Kyiv…

  2. Wayne: I was hoping you’d see this and get me the right spelling for Yearin! Thanks. We had a great time at your place.

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