Friday in York

Friday was one of those days when our schedule was certainly more relaxed than our hosts’ schedules. Of course it didn’t help when Faith and Yearin missed the school bus, so Wayne then had to factor in another morning stop. Jim and I were able to enjoy fresh coffee and bagels while Wayne delivered daughters to school and picked up missionary Jim Beise from another home. Teresa had an early morning at work.

After a leisurely lunch at home, Wayne (a Jim wannabe — ask him about that one), my Jim and Jim Beise and I headed over to the church to set up our displays for the conference. Faith called with a reminder that it was the first day of spring and that Rita’s was having a giveaway. Jim, Jim and I ran into a Michael’s (dangerous) while Wayne picked up the girls and we all headed to Rita’s. Unfortunately the line was way too long — even as we saw occasional snowflakes — for this spring delight. We really couldn’t wait.

We arrived back at the church for a chicken roll-up or chicken sandwich dinner. With some tasty desserts taking up a whole table of their own! And coffee. Always coffee. This is a church after my own heart.

Following dinner, Riley Armstrong entertained the crowd through music and comedy. (His luggage, including his guitar, arrived only an hour or so before the concert…) The young people knew this young Canadian performer from summer camps and quickly filled up the front rows. Group participation, up-front individual participation, and his own style kept everyone laughing, clapping, and foot-stomping. He managed to weave a clear gospel presentation into his stories and exited the stage with people wishing for more. (Always a good way to stop, wouldn’t you say?!) He hung around for a long time afterwards talking with anyone who would wish to speak to him. He also sold CDs and very interesting T-shirts. The top seller for the evening had to do with people uniting against clothes for dogs. (Wayne: Please help me out on this one!)

Back home. A little computer time. A little news time. And to bed. We were meeting for an early breakfast at the church…



  1. riverblues says:

    Just a blog encouragement: Thanks for sharing and keep on…love to hear about your travels:-)

  2. I like it, “riverblues”. I might have to get a catchy blogname like that. Perhaps, if I ever start a blog of my own.

  3. Mother,

    As I have been reading your blog, I’ve come to the realization that you need to invest in something called a notebook. They even come in pocket size for your carrying convenience!

    My suggestion to you would be that you should start carrying a small notebook with you in your travels to catch the spelling of people’s names, contact details if need be and t-shirt slogans. There are many available here in Nepal made out of rice paper or you plain and simple paper like in the States or Ukraine.

    Shall I send you one?

    Much love,
    Your Eldest

  4. Hi Marianna~ Just checking in with ya! Looks like you are still having a great time! I LOVED your pic from the UAB adoption clinic as it had Inna and Vitali’s pediatrician, Dr. Richard and Brooke who is always so sweet and patient with us 🙂 Ok, so Anna’s suggestion for you is a notebook….so I have a suggestion too…you joked that you needed to make a cookbook of all the families that you visited and yesterday, I was looking at one of my recipe books of the govenor’s wife here where she took recipes from friends and family and shared a small paragraph about how she knew each person and I always love reading it and I would love to read and have recipes from “The Peipons travels Recipe Book” too 🙂 Just a thought…maybe a good fundraiser? 🙂 Love ya! Mel

  5. Anna, I have never met you, but I have met your sibs and sibs-in-law and your parents speak highly of you. I love your wit towards your Mom. It reminds me of my daughter, Faith, who is 2 months shy of 16. By the way, by just how much are you the ‘eldest’?

    The Tee-Shirt: I’ll e-mail a photo to your Mom and she can post it on the blog.

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