Wednesday in St. Louis

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis. Meet me at the fair. Well, we saw the sights of St. Louis oh so very quickly, including where they create reenactments of THE fair complete with the fireworks. (No fireworks while we were there.)

We went to St. Louis to visit our dear friends James and Deb. (Debski, to some of us.) We go waaaaay back with Deb, but have only known James over the last several years. What a gem! Worth the wait, eh, Deb?

Anyway, we wanted to get together in THEIR neck of the woods — can you believe that they both attended both weddings so far in our family…in UKRAINE! Now, those are some special friends. (Anna, wherever you get married, be assured that James and Deb will be there!!)

After a brief tour of the city and a quick stop at an REI store (Have you seen the advertisements for the underwear there?!), we enjoyed a relaxed dinner on The Hill. Apparently The Hill has some of the best Italian food in the city…or state…or country. Whichever, it was quite tasty. Fried ravioli for an appetizer. A taste treat. Toasted garlic bread. Main course of our choice. I’m always amused when the waiters ask whether we’d like dessert after a meal like this! We’re taking boxes of food home, and they want to give us more!

We loved our waiter. We had several questions for him…and he was willing to search out the answers. Not sure he answered completely, but he answered with a genuine smile. He didn’t even seem surprised when we asked for a picture WITH him!

Do any of you have the answers to these two questions:

1) Is provolone and protel (?) basically the same cheese?
2) Why is St. Louis named SAINT Louis? Where does the SAINT came from?

James and Jim hit the sack (uh, separately), but Debbie and I stayed up for a time of prayer. Lots of potential changes in each of our lives…what a blessing to lift that family up to the Lord.

Love you guys. Still can’t believe we had only one night with you…


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