Tuesday night in Decatur/Huntsville

Well, we finally had to return the truck. What a wonderful gift to us…the use of this truck for over a week as we drove around Alabama.

The truck needed to be returned to Decatur, but we were flying out of Huntsville the next morning. My dear sweet friends indulged me…Lynne and Charlie created guacamole as well as mac and cheese and took it to Decatur to join the grilled chicken with Alabama white sauce prepared for dinner there. Basically I asked Ty and Sally to invite my friends and me to dinner…for the price of Lynne’s fabulous dishes. (Pretty smooth, eh?!) That way I was able to have a bit of ALL my favorite foods from the beginning of the trip.

After dinner we played hoopla and laughed at the creativity of these six adults. Mental note: Don’t play this game with Charlie. You’ll have to ask HIM why.

So we returned the truck in Decatur, and then Charlie and Lynne drove us back to Huntsville for one last night of laughter. Lynne delivered us to the airport the next day and we were off to St. Louis.

Thanks to everyone who made Alabama so special.



  1. Lynne and CHARLIE prepared guacamole and mac and cheese? Which one did he make – just wondering…

    btw, Jim looks cool in the big truck.

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