Tuesday in Birmingham

Tuesday morning was a great time to repack, write some notes, reflect on our past weeks and look forward to new adventures. How comfortable we were in the Morris home…hosts extraordinaire!

We loaded up the truck and went to a vet’s office to take part in the Tuesday Bible study over lunch.

Not just any vet’s office. But the awesome Dr. Bill! We met Dr. Bill (no, not Mr. Bill) when he was part of a medical team in Ukraine, but we got to know the family when Bill and his wife Kim travelled with their three sons to adopt two sisters. Jeanne was the official nanny for the trip allowing the boys the privilege of NOT having to attend and stand in line for every little detail along the way.

Since we had seen them, this precious family has added another son to the picture: Johnny from China. He may be deaf, but he has no problem being understood. (By the way, is it possible to have “selective hearing” even with sign language?)

What a precious family. And as we shared with their staff there, the numbers we usually mention when speaking about orphans and their futures in Ukraine take on a whole new understanding when you can put names to the numbers.

We praise God for the families we have visited who have taken these precious children into their homes. When you realize that 70% of the girls who leave an orphanage end up in prostitution, 60% of the boys end up in prison, and 10% of the children commit suicide, you can understand what life-changing experiences these adoptions are. (Look back over the last week of blog entries and see these precious children with their families…and praise God!)

Thank you, God, for letting us be a little piece in Your work as these families find their children in Ukraine.


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