Sunday in Birmingham

Sunday morning Jim and I spoke to the Foundations class at Covenant Presbyterian in Birmingham. Such an encouraging group of young marrieds…couldn’t tell if there were some singles in there or not.

One couple was leaving the very next day for Ukraine to adopt an older child from Odessa. Please join with us in praying that this process will go quickly and without a hitch. I have never figured out what takes so long when they already know which child they are adopting, but we have seen at least one family take weeks and weeks to adopt a 15-year-old boy. Go figure.

After the worship service (have I mentioned how glorious it is to worship in English?!), we met with the missions committee of the church for an awesome lunch. The home was gorgeous, the food was mouth-watering, and the committee was attentive and asked great questions. Who could ask for anything more? This church has been faithfully supporting Ukraine Medical Outreach for several years. And we are so appreciative!

That evening we worshipped with our friends Donna and Jim at the Church at Brook Hills. They have a new pastor so it was our first time hearing him preach. Right on the button, theologically, as far as I understand scripture. No sugar-coating the truth, no thinking that we had anything to do with our own salvation. As he said, we were dead. Dead people can’t be active!

We returned to Heath and Nikki’s just in time to say good-night to their children. And to watch the first half of Amazing Grace on their big screen.

Sleep came quickly when we crawled into our comfy bed…


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