Saturday night in Birmingham

Heath and Nikki invited some great folks over to their house on Saturday evening and we were able to share a bit about what God is doing in us and through us in Ukraine. But not before we ate some fabulous barbecue sandwiches! So good. (Though the meat didn’t settle well with their dog, it certainly settled well with us!) The overflowing plate of chocolate chip cookies was a magnet to the masses. This plate was always full. I don’t totally understand how it worked…

I didn’t get pictures of the crowd — I really wish that I had gathered folks and their children for a group photo — but it is an evening that we will long remember. So comfortable. So welcoming. So many great questions and comments. Primarily couples connected through small groups and family members.

Thanks to Heath and Nikki for not only housing us for an extended time, but also inviting a houseful to join us for an evening as well.

(Jim often asks himself: How did a boy from NE Pennsylvania ever get so many good friends in Alabama…by moving to Ukraine!?!)


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