Saturday in Birmingham

Jim and I had wonderful salads at Dale’s in Birmingham as guests of a women’s Bible study group from the Church at Brook Hills. These ladies responded to the need of Dr. Svetlana, a Ukrainian pediatrician who is the top HIV/AIDS physician in Ukraine. One day when Jim was speaking with her in her office she asked if he could help her take care of an HIV+ orphan with lymphoma. She was willing to pay $350 for a textbook if someone could find it for her.

Well, this Bible study group took up the challenge, and not only found the book but had it delivered to Jim so that he could deliver it to Dr. Svetlana. And, on top of it all, they wouldn’t accept her money. It was a gift.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these ladies…but I forgot to take a picture at lunch. Can you believe it? But I did remember before EVERYONE was gone! Thanks to each one of you for your generosity!!



  1. Georgia Johnson says:

    Hey Marianna and Jim, I just got caught up on your first 18 days. what a whirlwind!!! Wanting you to know that I will still be in Kiev for a week after you return. After that I am on my own whirlwind!! Genna got the visas (well almost, he has to go back to Warsaw on Sunday with final paperwork and then, God willing, actually receive the visas). So, I am headed back to California to buy a house and prepare for the family to come in late summer. Glad you are having such a great trip and enjoying all your new and old friends.
    See you soon,

  2. Georgia: We need to plan MUCH in the week that you’re still in Kyiv. Have a great trip to Krakow. Thankful that Genna seems to be working through the maze to get ‘er done. Wow!

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