Friday in Birmingham, Lifeline adoption center

The first stop in Birmingham was at Lifeline adoption center. The families in the previous posts adopted their children through this agency, and we are always happy to get some time with the folks doing the work stateside.

One thing I really appreciate about this group is that they really want to know what WE think about how things are going in Ukraine. And where WE think they might better help prepare families who are heading to Ukraine for adoption. They, in turn, let us know what’s going on over here so that we have a better understanding of their work.

A group that works hard. And a group that plays hard. It’s a good thing that laughter is good for the digestion because we truly laughed hard over lunch. (Did I happen to mention that we had some delicious Mexican food?!)

Next stop: our home base for the weekend…actually until Tuesday…


  1. Yep…this group looks familiar, ha! Looks like ya’ll had a good time in B-ham too! We received your sweet card in the mail…it was truly OUR pleasure to have you here and really was a blessing for us to spend the time with you! Can’t wait to hear more as you travel along!

  2. Mel: Hopefully I’ll be able to keep current with this blog — I’m nearly a week behind already!!

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