Wednesday in Wetumpka

Wetumpka. Never heard of it before we met the Taylors. Bruce and Jamie adopted two precious ones several years back, and are friends with several other families who have adopted from Ukraine who also live in the Wetumpka area. Two of these families joined us for dinner as well as other friends and relatives.

Remembering the stories connected with each family kept us laughing. A big favorite was when Bruce and Jamie took Tryton and Maddie to a Ukrainian cafeteria for lunch. Jim and I joined them there (with another adoptive mom and child) and had to laugh at the number of trays and the amount of food on the table. Who knew what the children would like or not? It was all about options.

Jamie asked Bruce to give Tryton some vegetables and he quickly responded, “Hey, I’m not going to give him vegetables. I’m trying to BOND with this child.” We laughed then and we laughed again. Interestingly, Tryton loves vegetables but his sister takes after dad.

The Debardelabens had to be one of the quickest adoptions ever — no more than 3 weeks in country. Jake has grown into such a handsome young boy. We saw a family portrait of the children…his three sisters and him. You would be hard pressed to guess that he wasn’t a blood relative.

Maddie wasn’t too excited about a family portrait the night we were there, though she did pose for some great pictures later. (Check out facebook for the rest of the pictures of our travels…)

We ate too much, we stayed up too late, and we left too soon the next morning. We would love to have much more time with each family as we pass through…

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