Thursday in Prattville

Thursday was a pretty short drive…from Wetumpka to Prattville. We were on our way to visit the Hall family, but first we had a fabulous lunch with new friends. This was the second time on this trip (the first was with Ramona and her family in Huntsville) that we were meeting an online friend for the first time face-to-face.

Jonathan (and his wife) and I have been communicating through blogs for a couple of years now. And we recently found each other on facebook as well. How much fun to put a face to the name. He also connected us with some other folks who are very involved in work with orphans in Ukraine…Bridges of Faith ministry…and another who is very interested in work with children with disabilities. It will be exciting to see how God uses these connections to further His kingdom!

How did I NOT get a picture?!

Following lunch we went to see Jason and Melanie and their three dear children. Vitaliy was home when we got there, but we were able to actually meet Grant and Inna at their school and walk home. What excitement! The night before at the Taylor’s home, Grant had presented over $100 to Jim — all money that he collected for the children of Ukraine. How precious is that?! This young boy has one of the biggest hearts I know — I have featured him in previous posts when they were in Ukraine.

Partway through the afternoon we went to a coffee house. Smart owners. Great coffee with small tables for talking. And a glass wall separating the children’s play area from the adults. The adults can supervise the play, but don’t have to HEAR it!

That evening the Halls invited Jason’s folks over for dinner and we laughed through another meal. It is so fun to hear the stories of the children once they get to America! (Not to mention the stories of the parents when THEY were children!)

A quick family picture and then Jim and I slept in Grant’s room. (See what I mean about generous?!) It was so difficult to leave this family the next morning, but we had places to go and people to meet in Birmingham. So off we went…


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