Tuesday in Auburn

Okay, so we took an obviously Alabama truck (just check out the tags!) into Auburn territory and have lived to tell the tale!

The Farrington Five were our hosts in Auburn and it was overwhelming to see this new family together in their own digs. Steven and Leslie adopted three little boys — more than a notion! The story of the their flight home is one of the best we’ve read, though we did get a few more details once we saw them in person. To read their adventures, click here or return later and click The Farringtons link in my sidebar.

Sasha and Dima were the first boys home when we arrived. They both jumped in the red wagon to go with Leslie and me to pick up their older brother Vlad at his school. These are some bright young boys!

Tuesday evening, Leslie and Steven hosted an evening where we were sharing our ministry in Ukraine, and, at the same time, we were able to meet their awesome support team in Auburn. Trust me when I say that we didn’t do anything spectacular for them in Kyiv, but we were certainly available. And the friends and family couldn’t stop thanking us for taking care of their children. Our pleasure. Really.

The boys were excited to bathe and put on their jammies to head to a friend’s home for a sleep-over. Well, at least for the hours that we were sharing our work. Two caretakers (what great gals!) escorted them, and they returned fast asleep.

Steven treated us to a night at the Hilton in Auburn — adding three boys greatly reduced sleeping space in their home. We so appreciated their kindness and generosity. We returned to their home for brunch…and set out on the trail to Wetumpka…



  1. alan pidcock says:

    How long will yoube in Alabama? Would like to meet you both and take you to lunch if you are going to be in the Birmingham area.
    Alan & Marcia Pidcock

  2. Alan: Didn’t we meet at the Rogers’ home a few years ago? Seems like I remember meeting you before you headed to Ukraine to adopt. Do I have the right family? We’re in Birmingham as I write and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to return to Decatur/Huntsville. We’d love to squeeze in a meeting if it works for you!!

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