Monday in Decatur

One small part of our ministry in Ukraine has to do with adopting families. Though it is not a key part of our work there, it is nonetheless a privilege to be able to assist when we can.

Jim is invited by some families to actually go with them to the orphanages to check on the medical conditions of the children. Because this tends to disrupt other segments of our ministry (usually gone for 2 nights and a day), there is a fee involved, but what we’re hearing is that his services were invaluable.

From time to time, I get to meet the families while they’re in Kyiv. Adoption is a roller-coaster ride at best…and I marvel at what these families endure! Of course, the joy of actually legally receiving their children makes it all worthwhile.

While in Alabama we are getting to reunite with some of these dear families that we connected with in Ukraine. In Decatur we stayed with the Batchelors — parents of two beautiful little girls (Audrey and Sophie) who then opted to adopt a young boy from Ukraine. While going through the process of getting Mose, Sally discovered that she was pregnant with Rhett. She and Ty now have a full house for sure, and it was such a delight to just hang out with all of them!

We picked the girls up from school and enjoyed a Mexican lunch at a restaurant before heading home to the boys. And then we had a special dinner with the grandparents and neighbors — grilled chicken with Alabama white sauce. My first-ever Alabama white sauce and it is the best! Yum! (I’m thinking that I could put together a cookbook just from friends we’ve stayed with along the way…)

We see where Ty and Sally’s generosity comes from as his father loaned us a huge white truck to trek all around Alabama. (Can you believe that we took an Alabama truck into Auburn territory?)



  1. After all that Southern living you might be in for a bit of a surprise as our spring is trying to decide if it wants to be sprung. We are looking forward to your arrival in York, PA.

  2. Wayne: Looking forward to our arrival as well! We’re thinking that we might get that first blush of spring every week…with the crazy itinerary we have put together!

  3. Lorinda Fleming says:

    Very funny about the AL truck in Auburn! Loved that one! πŸ™‚

    My husband is from Huntsville, so you are just driving all over places we know. So nice! And spring in AL…no better place!

    Last year on our home assignment, we did the same thing and hit spring everywhere–deep south, mid-south, TX, northern CA, WA/OR, KY, OH, MI, & PA. Best thing way to spend spring. πŸ™‚

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