Ramona and family

Personally, I would never believe that people I meet online would actually be people that I could meet in person. The world of blogs has connected me with several like-minded men and women, and on Friday Jim and I had the pleasure of spending several hours with a family that we met online.

I have a link in my sidebar to Ramona’s blog: adoption316. She ministers to families who plan to adopt, or who have already adopted, older children. She counsels from experience — 9 children at home representing several different countries. You really need to go to her blog to read of her adventures!

We all ate lunch together and they asked us questions about our lives, but we were more interested in hearing their diverse stories. Quick to smile and laugh, each one had a unique perspective on life and family based on their own personal history. It was a fascinating time, to say the least.

Let me encourage you to pray for each member of this family as they grow together in their understanding of each other and of the Lord.

(And thanks, Trey, for being my personal tech support…)



  1. ramonamom says:

    We were so blessed to meet you and Jim, and spend time learning about your ministry. Now, we wil know better how to pray for you AND we will have faces to put with names and photos.

    BTW, I love how this “normal” photo came out! Indeed, this IS our family – much more than any photo with the kids standing straight up, smiling, and being all sweet and nice. I just love family traditions such as this one (taking a “normal” photo everytime we take a group one).

    I am praying for you to have a safe and fruitful trip, plus that you will find some rest along the way. You are actually the second “internet” acquaintance we have had the privilege to meet in as many months. Even more interesting than that, the Nunleys met the other family online and in person, too! We are careful to continue to warn our kids about meeting folks in person that you met online, but we have been so very blessed by doing just that recently! I guess there is less danger when you are strange folks like we are -ones that no one in his or her right mind would pretend to be! LOL

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