Huntsville arrival

We arrived in Huntsville on Thursday afternoon…no problems except that I left my passport in the seat pocket in front of me as we left the flight. Fortunately I realized that I did not have it BEFORE we left the gate area and BEFORE they loaded the next passengers. My mind is apparently slipping in and out…

Charlie met us at the airport and took us back to his home where my good friend (and HIS wife) was waiting! The weather was absolutely glorious…blue skies and warm temperatures, but not yet hot. Just in case some of you have forgotten, the following picture is of a tree in their front yard. What you are seeing is a bloom. These tend to appear after the winter is over and the temperatures are on the rise. Take heart, Friends. These will be arriving in your neighborhoods soon. (Well, if not soon, at least eventually…)
) dsc05775
Lynne is a cook extraordinaire and whipped up a little appetizer to munch on while Charlie ran a couple of miles.
This just might be the best guacamole I have ever eaten. Seriously. She verbally told me the ingredients, but I’ll have to get her to write them down.
We had a wonderful evening catching up with news in their family and church and we brought them up to date with news of our family. (If you remember the pictures from my previous post in Boston, John belongs to them…) We sat around a grilled steak dinner (can you say yabba dabba do? These T-bones were hefty!), baked potatoes with sour cream and freshly picked chives, and scrumptious asparagus also cooked on the grill.

Lynne had to leave home Friday morning around 5 a.m. and Charlie is an early riser on any given morning, so it didn’t take too long for us all to team-clean the kitchen so that we could all hit the sack.

(We have very limited access to the internet so these posts will have to be short and sweet. Can’t wait to share with you about some of our new best friends that we finally met in person this morning…)

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