We’re in the States!

A long day, but the result is that we arrived safely in Boston and spent the first night in the States with son Jamie and his wife Dasha.

It seemed so natural to be with the two of them as we filled their zip car with our luggage and headed to their apartment. The only difference was that we were in a different big city.

We flew from Kyiv to Frankfort to Boston on Lufthansa Airlines. And we were so impressed with ALL of the flight crew. The attendants in the cabins actually looked like they were enjoying their work…what a concept! They didn’t stop smiling and laughing with each other and with the passengers while serving each of us as if we were the only ones on the flight: heating formula for a cranky infant, providing a cot, providing drinks (always with a side of extra water). I would encourage any one to fly Lufthansa in the future!

Jamie and Dasha’s 2-room flat is just perfect for a young couple. A good-sized bedroom, a large living room, bathroom, a long and narrow kitchen…and lots of windows letting in the sunlight. They told us that they rarely have to turn a light on until nightfall! Interesting wood trim gives the doors and walls a cozy feeling…not just solid blank walls. Slowly but surely they are acquiring used furniture and we transported a few more pictures for the walls.

Upon arrival, the coffee pot was ready for us to simply click the “on” button — great coffee pot, Jeanne and Kolya — and Jamie and Dasha prepared a yummy taco salad dinner. With the real deal chips. So tasty.

Unfortunately I didn’t weather the travel as well as Jim did, so upon touchdown I took some tylenol and prayed for relief from the headache. The pain eventually caused me to actually feel nauseous, but a short nap (not sitting up on a plane!) seemed to be just what I needed. I guess I had hit the wall after several days of very little sleep. I still need to catch up on all the conversation I missed while the young Peipons shared their lives with Jim. I hate when I miss those moments!

We hit the sack at a reasonable hour and awoke at 5 a.m. We turned the coffee pot on and began our day, as usual, with a couple of devotionals, a book chapter, and prayer. (Did I mention that we were able to find a quiet corner of a cafe so that we could also do our devotionals together over a capuccino at the Frankfort airport?!)

Jamie is at school and Dasha is at work as I write. Jim and I need to reorganize our suitcases so that we can travel with fewer bags — we really don’t want to pay for extra luggage on each flight! We also should be in touch with our powerpoint guru this afternoon so that we can make the final adjustments to our presentation. We’re waiting for an amazon delivery (our reading material for the trip!!) and at the end of the day we will be taking Jamie and Dasha out to dinner before they take us to a concert at Berklee. It should be a great evening. Hopefully I’ll remember to take my camera and get some pictures!

Tomorrow morning? In the air again. Huntsville, here we come!


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