Last Saturday

What a couple of weeks! Jim and I are leaving for the States tonight (tomorrow morning?!) at 3:30 a.m. And I simply forgot how much has to be done to be able to go. Denial?

We have been working with a friend stateside to create a powerpoint presentation of our ministry — pictures really DO say more than my mouth ever could…well, in a short amount of time! — and we have also been communicating with a NEW friend who has been designing our brochure.

Not to mention the regular ministry responsibilities. Our lives have been full, full, full.

But Saturday evening, while Jim was at his conference, some of the ladies in Kyiv got together to enjoy some good ol’ chips and salsa. For some reason, the chips are no longer available in any store in the city that we know about, and several of us were having a hankering for salsa. The two best places to satisfy these cravings are walking distance from our flat…very convenient.

Thank you, ladies, for such an enjoyable evening. It’s hard to believe that Saturday was the last Saturday that Jeanne and I will be together in Kyiv…for a long, long time. Each one of you made it very special for us. And I look forward to spending time with you when I return.

(I’m hoping to bring chips back with me so let’s plan a Mexican event at our place!!)


  1. riverblues says:

    Lots of chips in Salisbury(Ukraine doesn’t know what its missing out on).
    God speed! Were you getting to the East coast during our winter “Mega-storm”? Lots of delays. May you have blue skies:-)

  2. riverblues says:

    Hey-can you post an itinerary?
    And how long will Jeanne and Koyla(sp) be in the States?

  3. riverblues: We’ll be arriving in Salisbury on April 6…with Jeanne and Kolya on the same flight! Hooray!

    We haven’t left yet…so we missed the storm. It will be interesting to see how it affects those flights tomorrow that were postponed because of snow today. We’re flying from Kyiv to Germany to Boston. Agreeing with you on the blue skies!

    We may post the itinerary from the States tomorrow…good idea.

    Jeanne and Kolya’s time frame: undetermined at this point. Through Rachel’s graduation, though, if there’s still room at the bash! ;o)

  4. Marti Scudder says:

    I don’t know if you will be near Nashville in your travels but if you are you are more than welcome to visit us! I wanted to check and see if you knew how sick Julianne Hannaford has been and continues to be. She has a caringbridge site under julianneh. That would be the best place to read all that has gone on with her.
    Traveling mercies, Marti

  5. Marti Scudder says:

    I forgot to give you my phone number – 615-406-3742> I will be in Ukraine March 23-April 10 but other than that I am in Nashville.

  6. if I leave a trail of chips from salisbury to cambridge, can we get you up here too?

  7. Marti: I had heard about Julianne and we are following her progress online. Thanks for letting us know, though…we don’t always hear these things in a very timely manner! We won’t be in Nashville this trip — in fact, I told Julianne that she really just needed to say that she didn’t want us to come…she really didn’t have to go to all of this trouble to not have to see us! Please give our regards to our friends in Nashville!!

    kibbe: Yeah…seems like chips are the theme of the week! We will be bugging you whether you have chips or not! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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