Flight 1549

We received an email with a link to the CMDA website that featured an interview offering a first-person account of the emergency landing in the Hudson River.

Andrew and Jennifer Jamison are both 4th year medical students at the Medical University of South Carolina. Andrew grew up outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and attended Clemson University majoring in Biosystems Engineering. Jennifer was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina and received her degree in Biology from Erskine College. Andrew and Jennifer met in medical school and are in their second year of marriage. They are members of East Cooper Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. They have been on several medical mission trips overseas, serving communities in both Morocco and Romania. They are currently awaiting match results for their respective residencies, dermatology and family medicine.

Andrew was on the flight and this is his account as expressed in the CMDA interview.



  1. Kazakhnomad says:

    Thanks for sharing this link. For those of us who travel so much trans-Atlantic, this is an easy scenario to envision. God IS good! Oh, if only we could just have Andrew’s vision of His sovereignty sans the experience he went through!

  2. Kazakhnomad: I often wonder what my response to such situations would be…I would hope I would have much the same reactions as Andrew. Praying with those around me. Recognizing His sovereignty come what may.

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