Grace Community

We were so encouraged last night when we learned that a church that is new to us has officially decided to support God’s ministry here in Ukraine, even through us.

Our friends who attend there sent us a link to the church’s web site so that we could become a bit more familiar with the beliefs and ministries of the church before we visit there next month.

How is this for part of the published statement of faith:

“At Grace we believe in truth, absolute truth. We recognize that we are living in an age where truth is up for grabs and
to hold a belief that you consider to be absolute is, in itself, becoming antiquated. The day in which we live is unfortunately
a day where to believe in truth, absolute truth, is seen as evil. The words of Max Born, German physicist, are sadly the
mantra of our times, “The belief that there is only one truth, and that oneself is in possession of it, is the root of all evil in
the world.”

“Breathing the same air as those who live in this post-modern mindset does not mean that we have to conform.
However, we live in a time when we must zero in on exactly what we do believe to be true, understand it, agree on it, hold
on to it, live in recognition of it, defend it and even die for it if called to do so. When you seriously contemplate dying for
truth it tends to cause one to take inventory and come to a settled peace about what is worth dying for and what is not.

“Therefore, the church also must take great care to distinguish tradition, opinion and preference from truth. Everything
that is not determined to be truth should be held loosely. A root of much evil in the world and in the church is esteeming
opinion, tradition and/or preference at the same level as truth. When this happens truth is diluted and devalued. Mark
Twain helps us with this by pointing out that, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to
possibilities; truth isn’t.”

“Realizing then that truth is bereft of possibilities, we at Grace discriminately value and hold on to truth in the same
way we value and hold on to life itself. In the same vein, we value holding loosely those beliefs and practices that are not
absolute in and of themselves, but rather are the settled opinions of those who embrace them. We love and respect each
other as a community and therefore find great worth in the thoughtful, humble exchange of ideas as we walk with each
other on this journey to knowing and loving Jesus Christ.

“The following represents a summary of what we at Grace believe to be truth. On these issues and doctrines we are uni-
fied with one heart and would be willing to die for them out of honor and respect for our God.”

I must admit that I don’t hear too many people who claim to be willing to die for their beliefs. I can’t wait to meet these folks!!



  1. This is really beautiful…..

  2. I think so, too.

  3. I love that you posted this!!

  4. We’re excited to visit you, Sarah, and get to know the folks in this church!

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