Mercy seat

Today Jim and I read part of the sermon delivered at the marriage of Bernard and Alice in their book Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

The message was centered on Exodus 25:16-22.

“‘Just as the two cherubim were facing each other with their eyes fixed on the mercy seat, Alice and Bernard, you are to be together in fellowship as husband and wife but you have to keep your eyes focused on the Mercy Seat who is Jesus Christ. You are not supposed to fix your eyes on each other because, if you do, you will see each other’s mistakes, weaknesses and even wrinkles as you grow older each year. On the other hand, keeping your eyes focused on the mercy seat helps you see yourselves through Christ, realise your own mistakes and repent. Then you will always have peace with God, with yourselves and with others. It is at the mercy seat, where with unveiled faces, you confess your weaknesses, forgive each other and be transformed from one degree of glory to another. The Lord says, ‘I will meet you there’ — at the mercy seat.”


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