Rick’s prayer

I listened with a group of friends yesterday as Rick Warren prayed at the inauguration. It didn’t take too long, in my opinion, before his words no longer sounded like a prayer to God (whichever God you may choose…) but more like a speech.

I couldn’t put my finger exactly on what was bothering me about the speech….er, I mean, prayer. In some ways, I felt better after reading this post and many of the comments…I was not the only on who was confused. Some readers of the post were troubled, others were encouraged.

I’m curious how others heard his words. Thoughts?



  1. smellytourist says:

    All “official” prayers sound like speeches–at least he didn’t talk about “brown sticking around”


  2. I have to agree, in a way. I questioned some of R.W.’s prayer.(And was disappointed with the last guy who I had heard in an interview and thought he would have really cried out to God). But after reading the comments on the site you recommended I am reminded that as Christians, we often “eat our own”:-) (But I enjoyed the good dialogue). As one person pointed out and hits home with me often(prayers for decoy ducks)I’m glad we have a MEDIATOR!

  3. Rick Warren’s prayer really didn’t bother me. At least he invoked the Name above all Names – Jesus. If you watched the Prayer Service (if it can in truth really be called that) at the National Cathedral then you did not hear the name of Jesus mentioned. That for me is very sad!

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