Everywhere snow!

Jamie and Dasha sent us a few pictures that they have taken since arriving in the States. I think they’re seeing more snow in Massachusetts than we’ve seen in Kyiv! (And definitely more than Mae is seeing in Salisbury…)

Their first weekend allowed a few moments of simply relaxing…there really was nothing that they could accomplish by staying in Boston (they were waiting to hear about an apartment…), so they made their way to our summer home on Cape Cod. We don’t get to see this house in the snow very often — the Cape doesn’t usually get as much snow as Boston — so I really loved the Cape Cod pictures. Dasha standing next to the whale fluke — one of Mom’s new purchases — with the snow falling…love it!

But, alas, they did need to get back to Boston. They signed a lease for an apartment, moved their few belongings in, found their way to Berklee where Jamie went through a bit of orientation, tested out of a music tech class (well done!) and are enjoying the adventure of a new city in a new country!

Keep the updates heading our way…we love you!



  1. Address?

  2. Did you get it?

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