Cross carrying

Jim and I are continuing to read Underneath are the Everlasting Arms each morning. It is fascinating to learn how God is moving all around the world, and we are particularly interested in the authors of this book because we met their son Timothy as he passed through Kyiv (and our home) on his way to medical school here in Ukraine.

This morning we read of a story that had impacted Alice greatly in her understanding of God’s purposes in what may seem to us to be unnecessary trials:

“There were two men who went to their master to be assigned duties. The master gave each of them a cross to be carried to a distant place. The men, however, looking at the crosses, felt that they were too heavy for them to carry. They therefore requested to be given lighter ones which they saw available in the store. The master answered, ‘I know very well that there are lighter ones but this is the type designed for you.’ On hearing this, the men struggled to carry their crosses and off they went. While on the way, they both felt weary and discouraged. One of them decided to relieve himself by acquiring a saw, and cutting his cross shorter. The other one was also about to do the same when he suddenly remembered the master’s words: This is the cross designed for you. He therefore decided to endure the cross, despite the struggle. Finally they reached a broad river which they were supposed to cross. In that desperate situation, when they were wondering what to do, they heard the voice of their master saying: ‘This is the cross you are to cross over.’ The faithful man who had not cut his cross found that it fitted well over the river and he successfully crossed over to the other side, while the other one failed.”

Lord, give us each the strength and the wisdom to continue carrying the crosses you have chosen for us. Though we may not understand the “why”s now, we trust that You have a purpose…and that it is ultimately for our own good and for your glory!



  1. awesome, Marianna. God truly knows all of the details of our lives and has not made one mistake in a single circumstance of our lives. There is nothing in our current circumstances right now (if we are not in rebellion to Him) that He does not know about of has occurred outside of His control. How desperate and sad life would be if it were otherwise?!? I would be a victim of circumstances…people could steal God’s blessings for my life, they could use me or somehow thwart God’s plan for me…..this is a hard thing to take that the “cross” in my life (again, unless I am rejecting God’s hand in my life) are things that God has allowed. A hard pill to swallow, sometimes, that the God of the universe that could with a single breath could stop any trial from coming my way and yet sometimes chooses not to…but on the other hand…because we know that “in this world there will be tribulations”…what a joy and peace to know that for us they only come through the hand of our Lord. So I do not walk through this life alone, or unprotected. Sorry for the mini-sermon! ha! Just your thoughts prompted my own. Take care! Love you! See you soon…didn’t make it out today…not out of bed…not out of the apartment…not out of my pajamas…I don’t care what the experts say, this is my best jet lag remedy! ha! 🙂

  2. Cara: I can always count on a thought-provoking comment from you! I’m glad that we get to serve Him together here in Ukraine.

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