Take 5/Beethoven

Following the church service on Sunday, there was a small concert. Because it was Jamie and Dasha’s last Sunday in Kyiv, he not only played with the praise band, but he also performed a couple of solo pieces — both of them being his own arrangements.

I missed the very beginning of this piece as I frantically scrambled searching for my glasses to be sure that my camera was on the proper setting to record (oh the joys of getting older!).

Enjoy this combination of Take 5 and Beethoven:



  1. Nice to hear Beethoven played on the outside…..What kind of music does Jamie like to listen to?

  2. Michelle: He is definitely a jazz man. But he enjoys a variety of musical genres. MAYBE, just MAYBE, he’ll comment on this question — that is, if Dasha points out this post to him!

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