So much more than gas

Russia’s decision to cut off the gas supplies to Ukraine on Thursday point out issues that are far greater than simply supplying gas. (By the way, Ukraine has made it clear that its gas reserves will be able to supply gas throughout the winter, so do not worry about us! Continue to pray for a solution to this political crisis, but do not worry!)

Read more about the issues at stake here. As you may recall from the previous time that Russia stopped the gas flow to Ukraine, supplies also dropped for parts of Europe because the gas had to flow THROUGH Ukraine to get to them…and siphoning off what was needed here seemed a fair price. Putin has made it very clear that he will not tolerate any delay of gas getting to Europe:

In comments broadcast Wednesday evening on Russian state television, Putin said any interference with Russia’s gas exports to Europe would carry “serious consequences for the transit country itself.” He did not elaborate, but Ukrainian officials did not need to be reminded that Russia issued a series of threats and provocations against Georgia, leading in part to the war last summer.

Again, I have not highlighted this to cause any worry, but to encourage you to PRAY!


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